The U.S. Marshals are helping to recover the money stolen by Rita Crundwell, Dixon's former Comptroller, by auctioning of personal items of hers this month.


ABC7 Chicago reports that "hundreds of items belonging to Ms. Crundwell will be auctioned off.

As you may remember, Crundwell was convicted of stealing $53.7 million dollars of the city of Dixon's money to be used for her own personal gain. In 2012 she was sentenced to more than 19 years in prison. She is currently institutionalized at Waseca Federal Correctional Institute in Minnesota.

"To date, U.S. Marshals auctions have yielded more than $9.5 million to the city of Dixon." Wow! That is a small dent in the huge deficit she caused to the town.

The auction will be online through the site and will run Oct. 20 through Nov. 3rd.

Items to be auctioned include: "horse show clothing and accessories, but also things such as a football and framed T-shirt signed by NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw, Harley Davidson apparel, various pairs of cowboy boots, Sean Ryan western hats, an ATV and mopeds. There is also a Childeric English saddle with a water buffalo seat, which sells new for more than $4,000."

If you're feeling alittle nosy go ahead and take a look all those things p for grabs.

Heck! You know Christmas is around the corner. You just might get some good deals on some stuff. Plus, you're going to be helping the city of Dixon at the same time.

I honestly, do not feel bad with this auction taking place. Now maybe Ms. Crundwell will really understand how it feels like to be robbed and stolen blind. Just my opinion, but I cannot stand people we entrust to places of authority and they abuse it.

As the saying says what goes around comes around and you for, Rita Crundwell, it has. and how.




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