With Thanksgiving upon us are you already starting to feel stressed?

Hold up.... breathe... Follow these ten tips your guaranteed to have a calm Thanksgiving

Wow.com listed these 10 tips to a peaceful and calm Thanksgiving.

1. Let go of perfection. Things will go wrong because we're human don't sweat it, just enjoy what you have now.

2. Set a simple table. Heck my family just uses chinette plates and solo cups.You don't have to have your best china put out. Now if you're set on using that china then set the table the night before.

3. Prepare as much as you can a day or two ahead. ready to serve foods are perfect to make ahead then drag out on the day. Chop all your veggies for the dip tray or for your dishes ahead of time.

4. Enjoy a moment or two before your guests arrive. Maybe turn on some music, or enjoy a glass of wine, or whatever makes you feel. Just relax for a few minutes.

5. Set up a drink station out of the kitchen. Set it in the dining room or anywhere away from the kitchen where dishes are being prepared. Have a cooler filled with adult beverages and a tub with iced filled with pop and water for those that don't indulge.

6. Stick with easy appetizers. The day of your big meal is not the time to try a fancy tray that takes a lot of time to make.

7. Take mindful breaks throughout the day. Remember it's your day to enjoy as much as your guests. Take a few minutes just to breathe and enjoy the atmosphere.

8. Pick you favorite cooking tasks then delegate or ask for help for the other jobs. There's no sense in your doing it all.

9. While the turkey cooks, get the kids and adults alike out of the house. Have them take a walk or make sure there are snacks in the other room if they want to watch the big game.

10. Before digging into your delicious meal take a moment to pause and say what your thankful for.

There now, if we all follow these we will most certainly have a very relaxed and special Thanksgiving. I mean really is anyone gonna remember if you had mismatched cups at the table no. What's remembered is just being with your family and friends and being thankful for all that we have.