Santa will be making his way around Rockford and the kids will have a chance to ask him what to bring them for Christmas. But, kids have a way with words. 

Here are Five things kids should not ask Santa this year:

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1. Santa, how old are you?

I would hope that Santa keeps his age a secret.

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2. Why doesn't Mrs. Claus ever come with you to deliver gifts?

This is a question that Santa may not want to answer because he may get in trouble with the better half.

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3. Can I have a new brother or sister for Christmas?

This is a gift that is way beyond the pay scale for Santa.

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4. Santa, is there anyway I can email you so you can keep a running list of my christmas gifts?

Santa would rather not have any email address from any kids. He is plenty busy all thru the year.

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5. Santa, you should probably not drink as much beer as you do. Then you might not have that belly.

If your child told Santa that, I'm sure there is a reason Santa will probably not give up the adult drinks anytime soon.

If you want to see what your kids could say to Santa, then make plans to come out to our "Night At the North Pole" which is coming up on December 3rd.