Last Friday, I had the opportunity to wear the big red suit and be Santa's impostor for some 70 kids.  This is something I have done for years now. I enjoy seeing the smiles on the kids' faces as they approach me with their list of items they want for Christmas. But every once in a while there is the child who approaches Santa cautiously. I can see their apprehension as they get closer.

Having done this event for over 10 years now, I can tell from their faces they are torn as to what to say to me. Their inside voice wants to mention toys, but their outside voice reveals a crying out for loving help. The things Santa gets to hear from them makes me want to just tear out my heart for them. We are talking about kids who are basically between 6 and 10 years of age.

Instead of wanting a doll, a basketball or even a iPhone or laptop, these young kids want their lives back together again. They come from drug dependent parents, broken homes and a loss of siblings. So when they see Santa they don't always hold back what they really want.

You don't have any idea how good you have it until you hear their requests. Although Santa is supposed to protect the confidentiality of these kids, I feel compelled to share some of what I heard. I caution you, you might have a tissue nearby as you read these comments.

"Santa..I don't want a toy..I just want my Mom and Dad to be back together again".

"Santa...I need you to make my cousins happy again this Christmas".

"Santa...I want a doll, but I really want my little brother to come live with me".

"Hi Santa...I want to see my real mother again".    

"Hi Santa...I don't want anything for Christmas, but can you get my little sister the doll she wants". 

Remember, these are little kids. No kid should have this kind of burden put on them especially during Christmas. So when you think you have it bad, just read these comments again and you will realize quickly just how good you really do have it.

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