After 58 years the Field Museum solved the mystery of the fossils, discovered by Francis Tully, they named the "Tully Monster".


Breaking News! Tully monster mystery solved after 58 years.Yale University Scientists teaming up with scientists from...

Posted by The Field Museum on Wednesday, March 16, 2016


According to the Field Museum blog, the Tully Monsters lived in the Illinois region over 307 million years ago. They were "aquatic animals with tube-shaped bodies up to a foot long, skinny snouts ending in a toothed jaw or claw, and eyes at the end of short stalks." Basically, these so called monsters are "jawless fish much like Lampreys".

Also, according to the article, the "Tully monsters are only found in the Mazon Creek region, one of the world’s richest fossil sites, about fifty miles southwest of Chicago."

Cool, Illinois is known for something interesting and one of kind. I can't wait to see this on display at the museum, can you?