The children have gotten to enjoy the fun for years, now adults will have their own overnight parties at Chicago's Field Museum.

They never had events like this when I was young. I would have loved to do it.

Now museums host sleepovers, so kids can spend the night at their favorite exhibits. I would have definitely bunked with the dinosaurs.

Finally, the adults are going to be allowed to have their own adventures.

According to,

"An adults-only sleepover at the Field Museum will let you snooze amid the exhibits."

This is going to be awesome.

On July 7th, the museum will hold its very first 21 and over sleepover.

Participants will be allowed to crash in their favorite part of the building.

There will be talks with professionals, games, and other activities.

Plus, there will be no crowds to have to deal with.

The cost is $80 which includes your stay, museum visit, activities, dinner, midnight snack, and breakfast.

I'm going to look into this fun night for sure.


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