This Friday the main lobby area of Chicago's Field Museum is going to look a whole lot different, as the newest dinosaur display is receiving it's finishing touch.

This Friday ABC7 shares that the final touch to the Field Museum's newest dinosaur display will be complete in the main lobby.

Maximo the titanosaur is taking "over the spot where Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex stood for the last 18 years."

Sue has since been moved to a new exhibit within the museum to make room for this giant of a dinosaur. Maximo once complete "will be 122 feet from head to tail, which is longer than two accordion CTA buses."

According to Peter Makovicky, museum currator, Maximo will "reach the balcony level."

Wow! That is a big difference from what we've been used too.

The skeletal display that will greet visitors to the museum is actually "a cast of a titanosaur. The bones are fiberglass, allowing for an interactive exhibit."

The reason for this is that once Maximo is "fully assembled [on] Friday, you [will be able to] walk under him and touch the titanosaur."

The museum is expecting to have "all the barriers and scaffolding will be removed by June 1" then the display will be fully interactive and ready to go.




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