You all fail! A professor is making headlines by giving all his students in one of his classes a failing grade.

KPRC-TV reports that Irwin Horwitz, is a management professor at Texas A&M University. Horwitz said he tried to send a message to a class full of students, who he thought were too poorly behaved — by giving them all failing grades.

He reportedly sent each student in one of his classes a harshly worded email. The email informed the student he believed each of them was a disgrace to the school and that he would no longer be teaching the course.  He cited disrespect, backstabbing, lying and cheating.

"Enough was enough". He Said the Students couldn’t do some of the most simple and basic things they should have been able to do.


KPRC TV reports that the university plans to overturn the professor’s action. The failing grades won’t stick.

The students in the management class will continue with their course work because the head of the department will fill in for the professor for remainder of the semester.