Some news segments go viral for all the wrong reasons, this is one of those news segments.

Chicago news anchor Jeff Hoover is the star of the hilarious video I saw on Facebook. I think some of my favorite viral videos I've ever seen are of news anchor fails. When you go live on TV, who knows what can happen. The possibilities are truly endless.

From people popping into the camera saying ridiculous stuff, to animals being unpredictable, you never know what you'll see on live TV. Jeff Hoover was doing a news segment called "Around Town" for WGN News in Chicago at a petting zoo.

He wasn't standing in front of the petting zoo though, he was right in the middle of the animals holding a giant bucket of food. What could go wrong?

It starts out pretty tame, the animals just get a little upset they aren't getting fed. But then it turns from innocent fun to total chaos REAL quick.

Here's the funniest video you'll see all day. I think I've watched it 700 times.

Hilarious for us, but I'm sure it was slightly terrifying for Jeff!

Sure the smaller goats might not be too intimidating, but that big cow was ready to get violent for that bucket of food!

While we're at it, let's watch some more live TV fail videos.

I think they need to add the petting zoo video into this mashup. It truly would be a great addition to the rest of the hilarious videos.

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