There's nothing more 'American' than pizza and tacos, maybe barbeque. We love all three and if it is possible to combine them into one item you've successfully created a true "Heaven on earth" food combination.

Imagine the excitement of bringing home your favorite pie (a.k.a pizza) except it never makes it to the dinner table. Why? Not because it was devoured during the car ride. Nope, it's because you just experienced something extremely disappointing.

Truth be told, the background story behind this photo, which made its way to Snapchat, is unknown. What is known is there was no salvaging the pizza.


The above question does not pertain to how the pizza got dumped like maybe someone tripped or it was simply not balanced well. The question is the state of the box it was carried in.

Submitted Photo

After getting a good look you will notice a few things about the above photo.

  1. One side of the pizza box is open.
  2. There is way more to the pizza on the ground than it appears, just wait.


Momma said never cry over spilled milk, but what about a spilled pizza lying facedown in a parking lot? (At RBI in Rockford, to be exact)

Submitted Photo

If there were ever a physical pile of disappointment you're looking at it. How does this happen???

Here's the 'Snap' that was sent to me, maybe it will provide more of an explanation...

Submitted Photo

So there's still no explanation as to what went down but they are right, this was "motha" blanking fail by someone.

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