On a big outdoor movie screen in Rockford, experience Star Wars.

Love For Star Wars

If I had to pick my favorite movie of all time, it has to be the Star Wars series. Especially, the original trilogy. I believe it earned that title because I loved it as a kid and still dig it all these years later as an adult.

I have seen all the movies so many times that I can not even count. I watched them in the theater, at the drive-in, on TV, by VHS tape, DVD, Blu-Ray, and if I remember correctly one of my friends had it on Laserdisc.

Growing up I owned the toys, posters, sheets, curtains, books, shirts, trading cards, and just about anything else they put the logo on. I was obsessed.

Young Fans Missed Out

No matter the format, you can never go wrong watching Star Wars. I do feel bad for young fans because they never got to witness it in a theater or even better at the drive-in. There is no better way to experience it than on the big screen including outdoors.

Here Is Their Chance

The outdoor movie theater made a huge comeback in 2020. It has given families the opportunity to enjoy this old-school fun together. Even though we have a few official drive-ins not far from Rockford, sometimes when you have young ones it is nice to stay local.

Pop-up outside films have been successful in our community. The Rockford Park District hosted a popular one in town at Lockwood Park called Flix on the Farm. Their next event will feature Star Wars on the big screen. What a great chance for local fans.

Check out the original trailer.

Video: STAR WARS Original Trailer (Restored) - 1976


According to rockfordparkdistrict.org,

"Join us at Lockwood Park for a drive-in MOOvie! Watch a family-friendly movie up on the big screen from the comfort and safety of your car."

  • Sound comes through your car radio.
  • The parking lot opens an hour before.
  • First come, first serve so get there early to pick a good spot.
  • Children’s Animal Barn is open before the movie begins.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance ($12 per vehicle), HERE.
  • Concessions and restrooms available.

For more info, HERE.

This sounds like a great time. I recommend getting your tickets now because they will sell out.

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