Sinnissippi Lagoon at Nicholas Conservatory is arguably one of Rockford's most beautiful spots all year round.

Those who grew up in the area in the 80s and earlier probably fed the ducks here when they were young. (If you're still doing this you should stop because it's proven unhealthy for the ducks and geese.)

Now that it's winter in Illinois, ice skating has returned to the lagoon.

Jody Perrecone via Facebook
Jody Perrecone via Facebook

I've often wondered how this is possible? Obviously, the water has to freeze, that is a given. But how does the Rockford Park District crew keep the ice from thawing or thinning? Also, how are they smoothing it out?


I'm not an expert but I'm sure it is not a Zamboni, although that would be fun to see and drive (I'm talking to you, Rockford IceHogs.)

Who is part of this mysterious team that keeps the ice at the lagoon fresh for hockey and skating and when are they doing whatever it is?

We can rule out Oompa Loompas.

Mere hours after wondering what happens, and how, I found the exact answer while doom-scrolling on Facebook.


It happens after dark but it isn't magic, in this instance it's four individuals getting the ice ready to go. Four men add water from a firehose, let it freeze for about an hour, and then add another layer.


And now you know how the ice at Sinnissippi Lagoon is ready to go for area ice skaters.

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