I don't know about you, but we received a letter in the mail earlier this week from the Illinois Secretary of State that looked exactly like this...

Lori Gummow via Facebook
Lori Gummow via Facebook

I opened it, I read it, and I promptly shredded it. I didn't shred it because I have no intentions of voting in the election this November, I shredded it because I fully intend to do my voting in-person on Election Day...or can't I do that now?

Turns out there is another reason you should shred this letter upon receiving it according to Winnebago County Clerk, Lori Gummow who posted this on Facebook;

The Ogle County Clerk and Recorder also shared a similar message on Facebook...

The letter sent by the Secretary of State is not "bad" or "fake", it's just an unnecessary step to trouble yourself with if you plan on mailing in your ballot from what I gather. It's also gives the impression that Illinois voters must voice their choices by a mail-in ballot and not in-person on Election Day, which is totally not the case.

Whether it's by mail-in ballot, in person the old-fashioned way, or carrier pigeon, I don't care, just get out there and vote on November 3rd!!!

If you live in Winnebago County and are confused on how to vote in these crazy times, get all the info you need to know, here.

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