Last night I met with my new trainer for my weekly workout session.

Everything was going great, despite the 6 sets of burpees and mountain climbers he had me do.

I was sweating hard, pushing my screaming body to do more when all of the sudden my saliva started getting thick and metallic tasting. My breathing was off, as I couldn't seem to draw in more air.

Uh OH E.I.A. had returned.

Now you may be thinking E.I. A., what's that?

E.I.A. is Exercised Induced Asthma.

It's Asthma that is brought on from exercise, particularly if you're doing a lot of cardio type exercises.

Has that ever happened to you either during a workout session or right after? It may not be your body's response to working out.

I used to think that, until I realized that this only happens when I'm doing a lot of running or other cardio activities with out many breaks. Even high humidity can bring it on.

If you're wondering if that might be you, read this article from the Mayo Clinic.

Typically an inhaler used before a strenuous workout will help combat the problem.

I'm visiting my doctor to get an inhaler, so I'm prepared next time.

If this is you or some one you know, I encourage you to do the same.


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