I never thought the Cubs first baseman was hefty but now, there's no denying he won the battle against the Quarantine 15.

Today, I'm over here being thankful that Kohl's and TJ Maxx have reopened, so I can buy some summer threads that will accommodate the pounds I added during the 2020 Quarantine Binge.

During the same time we were all opening our refrigerators 22 times a day (yes, that's real), Anthony Rizzo was getting in another workout.

The Cubs first baseman used his time in quarantine quite differently than the rest of us. As the video below will show you, he busted his butt working out six days a week, for the past twelve weeks. And managed to shave 25 pounds off his body.

If drool is becoming a concern for you and those around you that you're showing this to, prepare yourself for this Instagram slide show.

Back in May, I wrote about how different baseball will look if it returns in July, at the time, I didn't realize this would be one of those big differences. Look what just 6 days a week for 3 months did!

With the exception of my wedding and more time with my kids, I feel like I could've used my quarantine time a little better.

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