Looking for something for Mom on Mother's Day? Especially for the Mom who says "I don't need anything, I have all I need."

My Mom is one of those Mom's too. She never really tells you what she wants or needs. So at times when it comes to Mother's Day I have to be creative.

Instead of doing the typical of buying my Mom flowers taking her out to dinner, why not make something.Then I came across these Easy Ideas for Mother's Day.

I thought the idea of making a a key chain out of beads was neat.  How about instead of making a key chain, make a beaded book mark. Place it in a new book, by your Mom's favorite author.

Or I thought the bracelet made from buttons of outgrown clothes was a neat idea. Or what about adding charms from old jewelery you've out grown that your Mom has given you?

Hopefully some of these help.