Did you see a flake or two overnight? The latest cold wave and talk of flurries made me curious. When was the earliest snowfall ever recorded in Rockford history? Think you'll be surprised. 


Cold wind whipping trees and talk of snow flurries in Rockford this week made me pull up old weather records. I was curious when the first, or earliest snowfall ever recorded, happened in Rockford. Here's what I found.

According to Weather.Gov, the earliest snowfall on record is a trace of snow on September 25, 1928. That record had to be traced all the way back to 1905 records.

Apparently, Rockford recorded the second earliest snow on record on October 4, 2014. I try to block that date out of my mind.

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

As November nears, it is just a matter of time before Mother Nature unleashed her "flurry" and we will be shoveling.

Now that you have facts about the earliest snowfall in Rockford, you have something to talk about with family over dinner, to share with friends over a beverage, or to use as an opening line on someone you have an eye on.

Is it too early to think Spring yet?