For the nearly 2,700 homeless teens in and around Rockford they now have a place to go.

A drop-in center made specifically for them just opened.

It's sad but true that both Winnebago and Boone county have a large number of homeless teens , but it' awesome to know that there are those caring individuals  who want to create a space for them to in a sense call their own.

WIFR reports that Just Breathe 815 celebrated the grand opening of their teen drop-in center.

The center which is run out of the SecondFirst Church offers these teens a place to "be able to have a meal, take a bath, wash their clothes, and take any extra clothes that they need. There are also spaces for relaxing and having workshops."

Currently the center will be open on Sundays and Thursday from 3p to 8p, but their long term goal is have a shelter that will "connect teens to social services".

To learn more about Just Breathe 815 visit their website by clicking here or their facebook page: Just breathe 815.

Although, I was fortunate to grow up in a two parent household and not homeless, my hear goes out to these teens who have been displaced. Whether it's due to a parent having addictions, or being abandoned and they drift from home to home to keep a roof over their head I think what Just Breathe 815 is doing is greatly needed.

They are showing light and life to those they have not received that in their growing years. They are following the golden rule to "do unto others as they would have done unto them. May God richly bless them as they continue in their endevours.



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