My yard had a really tough summer dealing with the squirrels. Those little varmints either dug up or ate nearly every flower I planted throughout my yard, and the frustration nearly had me grabbing for my pink bee bee gun, and that is totally unlike me. I don't shoot things.

My parents have also had a very tough summer dealing with the squirrels. My Dad is out picking up acorns for hours every single day....I kid you not...and those bushy little rats even gnawed up the edge of my parents' new metal outdoor dining table....

loading... squirrels just super hate the Zimmerman family this year, or are squirrels in fact acting crazy all over the Stateline this year?

Of course I had to hop on Google to find out the answers to my important questions, and that's when I came across a recent article from The Old Farmer's Almanac that said;

Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry,
Will cause snow to gather in a hurry.

In addition, a tough winter is ahead if squirrels’ tails are very bushy

I haven't paid much attention to squirrel tails lately, but I do know their annoyance factor is off the charts this year, so are we in fact in for heaps of snow this winter?!?

The Old Farmer's Almanac article also said some other signs of a bad winter ahead include:

  • Flowers blooming in late autumn
  • Cornhusks thicker than normal and tight
  • Apple skins are tough
  • Berries and nuts are plentiful

Have you noticed any of these other signs? I must admit I'm not feeling very optimistic about lucking out with another mild winter this year.

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