I've told you before that driving around looking at Christmas lights is my favorite thing to do during the holiday season. The Stateline area is filled with beautiful light displays to 'ooh' and 'aah' over, but only a handful of them are synchronized to lights, and I'm pretty sure no other ones feature a life-size Cousin Eddie mannequin like this one does in Cortland, Illinois.

Check Out the 'Caravia Family Light Show' in Cortland, Illinois

Every year the Caravia family, who live at 687 N. Goldenrod St. in Corland, Illinois, pull out all the stops to create an entertaining holiday display featuring thousands of lights all synchronized to music. Here's a sneak peek of their big finale...


Now, I'm not sure if you noticed the figure that appears in the lower part of the screen in that video, but it's a lifesize mannequin of 'Cousin Eddie' from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in his bathrobe finest!

Here's a better shot of Cousin Eddie...

Caravia Family Light Show via Facebook
Caravia Family Light Show via Facebook

The Caravia Family Light Show runs every night from 5 to 9 p.m. and viewing is totally free.

FYI, the Caravia family doesn't save all their light show fun just for Christmas, they put on a killer show for Halloween too...

Obviously, a light show this cool draws a big crowd, so if you plan on taking your family to see it soon, the Caravias ask that you remain in your car at all times and to make sure you don't block any of their neighbor's driveways while you wait in line.

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