Scandal rocks the DeKalb School District as District 428 Superintendent Doug Moeller is placed on administrative leave.

The Daily Chronicle Newspaper reports that Moeller was placed on administrative leave after newly hired DeKalb High School Principal Michele Albano obtained an order of protection against Moeller. Moeller is her direct supervisor. The order of protection is in effect until October 6th.

The order was issued on Monday in Kane County. Principal Albano alleges that Superintendent Moeller became upset with her after she rejected his advances, and threatened to ruin her career. Albano also accuses Moeller of intimidating her with a gun.

According to the Daily Chronicle, Albano says of Moeller in the complaint filed in court:

Doug was upset with me for refusing to go out with him. I came up with an excuse, He called me drunk on three occasions the night of (Sept. 11). He has sent me a series of emails threatening to go to the [school board], Doug has told me on several occasions that he keeps a loaded gun in his Tahoe.  ... Doug has brandished his gun in my presence, popping the cartridge out and popping bullets out to show how adept he is with a gun."

Moeller earns a taxpayer funded salary of $190.000.00. Albano began her position as DeKalb High School Principal on July 1 at an annual salary of $135,000.

Earlier today, the elected DeKalb School board sent an E-mail to parents informing them that Superintendent Doug Moeller has been placed on paid administrative leave, but made no mention whatsoever about the serious allegations.

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