This guy decided to a little Sunday shoplifting I have never understood why people need to steal from Walmart. Their prices are cheap enough, but this guy spent his Sunday doing just that at the DeKalb Walmart and DeKalb Police want to catch the thief.

If you have ever shopped at a Walmart in a university town on the weekend before classes begin, you know the place is a madhouse as all the students are picking up supplies. The store is crowded beyond belief. So, the possibility exists that this guy may have took advantage of the crowds to commit his thieving crime.

DeKalb Police report that on Sunday, retail theft occurred at Walmart on Sycamore Rd. The suspect left with over $500 in merchandise.

The Suspect was last seen leaving the store in a black Ford Crown Vic with Illinois temporary plates.

DeKalb Police Seek Walmart Robbery Suspect
DeKalb Police Dept Photo

Police describe the suspect as 6'02" to 6'04," large build. The individual is also a suspect in another theft at the same Walmart earlier in the month. Officials say he left the scene of the crime in the same in the same vehicle.

If you have information on the suspect call DeKalb Police at 815-748-8400

A question that I have is, why does Walmart have such lousy low resolution security cameras?




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