The chances of this happening, one in million. Imagine committing a crime and then you realize you attended school with the judge who stands before you in the courtroom.On Thursday, a judge and one of her old middle school classmates had a rather awkward reunion in court. It happened in Miami after the suspect was arrested following an alleged burglary and police pursuit.

NBC 5 reports that 49-year old Arthur Booth was arrested last Monday by Hialeah Police on several charges including burglary, grand theft, fleeing, and resisting arrest.

This past Thursday, Booth appeared before Miami Dade County Judge Mindy Glazer in bond court. The judge, instantly recognized the suspect from their days at Nautilus Middle School. She asked him if he had attended the school.

Feeling embarrassed the suspect says repeatedly

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness

This has got be one of most awkward courtroom moments ever captured on camera

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