New York? Chicago? Los Angeles? Nope! DeKalb, yes!

DeKalb placed at #11 on the list of the cities that love to stay up late.

The FINDAHOME Website conducted research for each of the 50 United States to determine what city in each state has highest percentage of people who stay up late and thus start their workdays late, between noon and midnight.

The study found that most of the individuals who stay up extra late are those live in college towns and casino cities.

Here is how Illinois ranked:

Percent Leaving for Work Between Noon and Midnight: 28.2%
Population: 44,092
Local Colleges: Northern Illinois University

Here are the Top 5 'Stay Up Late" Cities in the USA

5. La Cross, WI

4.York, PA

3.Lima, OH

2. Lansing, MI

1. Storm Lake, IA

WGN-TV also analyzed the data and reported that most college students attend class during the day, hence  many of those individuals may work at night to earn extra cash late at night.

Pizza delivery? I did it back in college at NIU, makes sense.




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