"I’m willing to spot him one punch and we can go from there." That's what the Chicago Cubs fan, who was confronted by New Jersey Governor, had to say as he has announced he is challenging Chris Christie to a MMA-style fight.

This story just gets stranger by the minute, but I have to admit, I would pay to see this and you probably would to!

This past weekend, Cubs fan Brad Joseph had an unlikely encounter with New Jersey Governor Christ Christie at a Cubs game in Milwaukee where he told Christie that "he sucked" and and was a "hypocrite." Initially, Johnson defended his decision to egg-on the one time Presidential candidate. Shortly after the encounter that went viral, Joseph later expressed sorrow for his rude behavior. Just when we thought the story ended there, it appears as if the pendulum has swung back.

In an interview with WPIX-TV, Joseph announced he is challenging Gov Christie to a MMA-style fight .

WPIX-TV reports that Joseph says he’s willing to compete under any standard rules of Christie’s choosing, all to prove that the Governor is all talk and no action.


This just gets creepier by the minute. The governor's office has not responded to the challenge, yet. If you missed the encounter that started it all, here is the video:

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