The votes have been tallied and it's time to reveal your picks for best sweet corn of 2017.

The 2017 sweet corn season is here. It is my privilege to present to you, your picks for the best sweet corn in the Stateline.

You love sweet corn as much as we do. Thank you to everyone who chimed in with your choices.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Sweet corn is best on the day it is picked. Eat it the same day, for best taste.
  • There are many different varieties of sweet corn, and many have different tastes
  • Radio DJ's love samples!

THE WINNER: The place to get the best best sweet corn for 2017 is DRAKE FARMS in Baileyville.

Mark Charvat enjoys sweet corn from Prairie View Farm Market /Townsquaremedia Photo


1. Baileyville: Drake Farms on Rt 26

Drake Farms (Photo Provided)

2. Rock Falls/Sterling/Dixon : Selmi's Greenhouse, Farm and Pumpkin Patch on Dixon Rd

Semi's Sterling Produce Stand (Photo Provided)

3. Hampshire: Prairie View Garden Center and Farm Market on Rt 72 west of town

4. Maple Park: Wiltse’s in Maple Park Rt 38 (East of DeKalb)

5. Belvidere: Mundy's (T & J Farm market) on Genoa Rd, South of Walmart

6 Sugar Grove: Sugar Grove Pumpkin Farm & Produce, Rt 47 & Merrill Rd

7. Durand: Dolan’s on Rt 75 east of Durand

8. Marengo: Cody’s Farm and Orchard at 19502 River Rd

9. Kirkland: Klock’s on 1st street just south of Rt. 72

10. Rochelle/Mendota/Winnebago: Dorn Acres sweet corn on Rt 251 and Rt 30 between Rochelle and Mendota, and Winnebago Corners

11. Cherry Valley: Blackmer Sweet Corn  on South Mulford (South of town) and Cherry Valley Rd Southeast of Cherry Valley, downtown Cherry Valley, and Fairdale.

12 Rochelle: Rainwater's  Rt 251 & Twombley Rd


Other top vote-getters:

  • Harvard: Twin Garden Farms (Mirai Sweet Corn)
  • Dixon: Rod and Buzzy Baker Farm
  • Clare: Bross Sweet Corn Stand. On Rt 64 Just west of Clare Rd, Mirai sweet corn sold here
  • Maple Park: Theis Farm Market on Countyline Rd
  • Durand: Hunts on Lee Rd
  • Pecatonica: ByBee's Farm
  • Stillman Valley: Beehmers
  • Elizabeth: Ditmar's farm
  • Hebron: Von Bergan's farm
  • Clinton WI: Crawford Farm
  • Elgin: Klein's farm market.
  • Milton, WI - Murphy's sweet corn

Thank you to everyone who voted!

 BONUS VIDEO: How To Select the Best tasting Sweet Corn