The 2019 sweet corn results are in!  It's time to reveal your picks for the best sweet corn of 2019.

The shortened 2019 sweet corn season is coming to an end and we are proud to present your picks for the best sweet corn in the Stateline.

Get it while you can and support your local farmer!

THE WINNER: The place to get the best locally grown sweet corn for 2019 is SELMI's GREENHOUSE and PUMPKIN PATCH in Rock Falls, Dixon and Sterling.


1. Rock Falls: Selmi's Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch. Farm stand Locations in Dixon and Sterling

2. Hampshire: Prairie View Garden Center and Farm Market on Rt 72 west of town

3. Maple Park: Wiltze's Farm Produce.  Located on Rt 38 just east of DeKalb

4. Huntley: Kohley's Farm

5. Clinton, WI: Crawford's Farm

6. Elgin: Klein's Farm Market  Also with a location in Burlington, IL

7. Rochelle:  Fuller Farm Corn sold at Grubsteakers (Rt 251 and Rt 64)

8. Baileyville: Drake Farms on Rt 26 (South Of Freeport)

9. Cherry Valley: Blackmer Sweet Corn  on South Mulford (South of town) and Cherry Valley Rd Southeast of Cherry Valley, downtown Cherry Valley, and Fairdale.

10. South Beloit: Papa's Sweet Corn at Free Church and Manchester Rds in Rural Boone County.

11 Maple Park: Theis Farm Market on Countyline Rd

12. Kirkland: Klock’s on 1st street just south of Rt. 72

13. Stockton: Crack-O-Dawn Farm.

14. (tie) Rochelle: Rainwater's  Rt 251 & Twombley Rd

14. (tie) Durand: Dolan’s on Rt 75 east of Durand


2019 Top 15 Places to Get Sweet Corn In Northern Illinois
Photo Provided by Selmi's

Other top vote-getters:

  • Winnebago: Dorn's
  • Harvard: Twin garden Farms
  • Rockton: Holly's Sweet Corn
  • Stillman Valley: Behmer's Farm
  • Janesville, WI: Skelly's
  • Marango: Cody's Farm
  • Clinton, WI: Louie's farm
  • Southern boone Co. Kulfaulk's Corn
  • Rochelle: Seebach
  • Belvidere: Mundy farm
  • Durand: Hunts
  • DeKalb: Wessell's

Support your local corn growers and buy your corn locally!

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