Wow!  It just goes to prove what's old is new again.

How many of you remember Crystal Pepsi? Well it's making it's return again.

WGN reports,that PepsiCo announced that it is bringing back their clear colored Pepsi drink in 20 ounce bottles for a limited time starting August 8th.

Also, starting next week on July 7th, the video game “The Crystal Pepsi Trail” (inspired by “The Oregon Trail”) will be available on a special website.

Wow! This takes me back to high school when the drink first came out in 1992. I even remember the theme song Pepsi used for their commercials: Van Halen's "Right Now".

In fact, just for nostalgia sake, I dug up the old ad on YouTube for you.

Wow! Does that bring back memories. I do remember it didn't taste like Pepsi. It was sort of flat soda and sugary like. It was kind of weird.

Well I for one can't wait for August 8th because ,oh yes, I'm going to do a taste test and yep I'll make sure to video it.

Hmmm, you know, I remember saving a can of Crystal Pepsi back in 1992, because I thought it would never be back again. I wonder if I still have it? I'll have to go dig through boxes in the basement with all my old high school stuff.


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