Another security breach has impacted a fast food restaurant with ten locations in and around Rockford. Should you be concerned?

More than 355,000 credit and debit card holders may be victims of the latest cyber attacks to hit another national chain.

Brian Krebs, a well-known cyber security reporter, was the first person to publicly address the data breach after being contacted by various banks and credit unions.

A spokesperson for Atlanta, Ga.-based Arby’s said the company was first notified by industry partners in mid-January about a breach at some stores, but that it had not gone public about the incident at the request of the FBI.

So which Arby's restaurants were effected by this data breach?

Arby’s said the breach involved malware placed on payment systems inside Arby’s corporate stores, and that Arby’s franchised restaurant locations were not impacted.

Arby’s has more than 3,330 stores in the United States, and roughly one-third of those are corporate-owned.

I could not find a list of Arby's corporate restaurant locations online but I can tell you the ten Arby's locations throughout the rock river valley are all franchised. If you want to know if a specific location is a corporate location call Arby's guest support at 1-800-599-2729.


How To Better Protect Your Bank Account From Possible Data Breaching

Follow these tips:

  • Report the unauthorized transactions. (Remember, you're not liable for fraudulent charges on their credit or debit cards.)
  • Use a credit card instead of a debit card, protecting you from bounced checks and possible overdrafts fees.
  • Use cash... because cash is king.

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