Crazy state laws exist everywhere, but I'm pretty sure these 5 Illinois laws belong in their own class of stupid.

Stupid State Laws

Now that I've called some laws stupid, I feel a bit bad. A LOT of work goes into making official laws these days, and I know every single law throughout the world has some valid reasoning behind it, but still, you can't help but shake your head at some of the ridiculous things certain states have made illegal...or in some cases, legal.

Take Illinois for example. Did you know it is LEGAL to send an animal to actual jail in Illinois? Seriously. A monkey once spent five days in a Chicago jail for shoplifting.

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Now let's focus on some super strange things it is ILLEGAL to do in some of the towns and cities throughout Illinois.


Illinois' Weirdest Laws

The other day I found a website that lists the dumbest laws in America, separated by state, and Illinois has a LOT of them.

Before I list a few of my favorites I must preface this by saying; I assume most of these laws are quite old and only still exist in lawbooks because they have been forgotten about or simply ignored. (Here's hoping!)

  1. Champaign: It's illegal to pee in your neighbor's mouth. (Gross. Why the heck would anyone ever do that?!?)
  2. Joliet - Pronouncing the city name incorrectly,( ex. Jolly-ETTE instead of Joe-lee-ETTE), is a misdemeanor and could land you a fine...of five dollars.
  3. Freeport - It is illegal to spit out of a second-story window. (Honestly, I'm down with this law because no one wants to be out walking and get nailed by a projectile spit wad).
  4. Chicago - It's illegal to fish in pajamas. (but what about going to Walmart in your pajamas...that should definitely be illegal too!)
  5. Cicero - It's illegal to hum in the streets on Sunday.

Guys, this is just a sneak peek of the law weirdness Illinois has to offer. See more that will make you laugh out loud, here, and here...

13 Stupid Illinois Laws

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