The question that remains, is 'did the cops taser the right driver?'

It was a wild night at the Anderson Raceway, in Anderson Indiana on Saturday night. It was the last race of the evening, and the racing was getting rough and rowdy. Cars were bumping and banging into each other, and then this happens.

A page out of the Tony Stewart play book? You decide.


Jeffrey Swinford was the driver of the black car that accelerated and runs his 3500 pound car over the hood of the #33 car driven by Shawn Cullen. Cullen, whose car was run over, got out of his vehicle and confronted Swinford with punches.

42-year-old Shawn Cullen was tasered and cuffed by the local police and rested and later ticketed for disorderly conduct, according to a report by NBC Chicago.

Did police taser and cuff the right guy?

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