Somebody's weekend just got a whole lot worse. Fingers crossed it's not mine.

According to, "A semitrailer filled with wine and liquor rolled over onto its side this morning about a mile west of Ottawa, snarling traffic on Interstate 80 eastbound. The driver was out of the vehicle and did not appear seriously injured."

So, sad. *insert crying face emoji*

Just look at all those wounded soldiers spread across the side of that interstate.

Please don't complain about the wounded soldiers part. That is what you call wasted alcohol. I didn't start it so don't get mad at me. Moving on.

That's a lot of booze piled on the side of the road. Some will be saved. Most will be lost. Now, where was that alcohol headed? There could be a lot of bar owners left out to dry because of this. Might even be, dare I say, your bartender's load that was just lost.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'd hate to see your weekend ruined.

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