It is less likely to have a crash at the "Wreck-It" roundabout in Rockford than at a stoplight.

A Roundabout Intersection Is Safer Than A Stoplight

I was in total shock when I saw this information posted on Facebook by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

They claim that intersections with roundabouts are safer than ones with stoplights.

I am simply stunned because it is really hard to believe. IDOT must have left the "Wreck-It' Roundabout at Auburn Street and North Main Street in Rockford off their statistics. There seem to be fender-benders there a lot.

What IDOT Says About Roundabouts

According to,

"These circular intersections efficiently move traffic counterclockwise around a center island, offering safety, environmental and economic benefits to drivers and communities."


"Roundabouts reduce 32 conflict points from traditional intersections with traffic signals or stop signs, to only 8 conflict points, lowering chances of vehicle-to-vehicle crashes."


"Roundabouts require driving 25 mph or slower giving drivers more reaction time to other vehicles or pedestrians in crosswalks."

How To Drive In A Roundabout

I think one of the big problems with our roundabout here in the Forest City is drivers do not know how to navigate through one correctly.

Here is a simple "how-to" diagram. Hopefully, this will help.

Lake County Division of Transportation
Lake County Division of Transportation

If you are still confused, check out this video.

Video: How To Drive In A Roundabout

Driving through a roundabout should be part of the behind-the-wheel test to get your driver's license in Rockford. There would be a lot fewer people on the road.

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