This past Saturday was my grandfather's ninetieth birthday and family came in like an apocalyptic swarm of locust. While our family took advantage of a beautiful day another family did the same in Wisconsin. That family, unfortunately, would be struck by tragedy when their plane crashed.

Green County Sheriff Mark Rohloff says "the single-engine Cessna 182T went down in a field and struck some trees. Rohloff says the pilot was a grandmother and the three passengers were her 17-year-old granddaughter, 13-year-old grandson and the teens' mother," according to WREX.

There were no survivors.

According to WREX, "Rohloff says a witness heard the plane losing power, saw it descending and noticed flames coming from it. Firefighters put out a fire at the scene."

Knowing how much fun it was to see the family all together makes me feel terrible. Why did our day go without incident and theirs ended so horribly? You could rack your brain all your life to find the answer just o to come away with nothing.

Our thoughts go out to the rest of the family members impacted by this horrific event.


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