According to the WIFR Facebook page, "Four people are taken to the hospital following a crash this morning on Bypass 20 near the Alpine Exit. Police tell 23 News the three-car crash happened in a construction work zone."

We are hoping everyone walks away from this unscathed. Thoughts and prayers are with those involved.

The weather has warmed up and there is no longer a fear of black ice or anything of that nature. That means people will be driving faster. The scary part is that this accident happened in a construction zone. A place where EVERYONE should slow down.

Not only do you need to pay attention to other commuters but now there are likely pedestrians working dangerously close to the roadway.

We all share the responsibility of protecting these workers by slowing down, paying attention, and NOT driving like a bat out of hell.

Fast drivers are not the only ones on notice here though. Many drivers don't like the fact they are getting passed so they drive like a spoiled brat. Blocking others or driving in the fast lane when they should be in the right lane.

You are just as guilty as the ones driving fast. You are just being reckless. So, lets all take a beat and realize that we ALL want to arrive alive at our next destination. The workers in the construction zone would like to go home to their families as well.

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