Commemorative paving bricks from Wrigley Field were found in a dump in Pontiac, IL.

As reported from WGN News, the inscribed paver bricks that were purchased by fans were dug up and trashed due to the renovations the "friendly confines" has been undergoing this last year.

According to a statement made by the Cubs Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs Julian Green and Cubs Vice President of Ballpark Operations Carl Rice, they said the following:

"While some Wrigley Field personalized pavers have already been removed on the ongoing construction, there are also some that have remained in the same location and will be accessible during the 2015 season … It was determined the best long-term solution and location for the pavers is outside the Budweiser Bleachers on Sheffield and Waveland. Our plan is to replace and relocate all personalized pavers following the 2015 season. We anticipate the new pavers will be in place by Opening Day 2016. The original pavers will not be available for distribution and we will communicate specific locations once the design lays are finalized with those personalized pavers.”

However, that doesn't explain dumping the former bricks into the trash.

I personally think they should have contacted the fans that purchased the bricks prior to the renovations and made it available for them to take as a keepsake.

I'm thinking someone's head is going to roll for not being more careful or should I discreet in throwing out those bricks. If one of those bricks were mine I'd be mad at them, regardless if they will replace them. Just to toss them out with no concern, or so it seems, is rude and wrong.