Yep, they make a chart for that! Hallelujah!

I am so excited to take Ella trick-or-treating for the first time this year, even if she can't eat candy yet, because her Mama can! Parents, let's just admit it. Your kids collect hoards of candy on Halloween which you ration out perfectly to them.  You know, one piece after dinner or for a reward when they deserve it. You have to ration it, because dealing with an extreme sugar high is torture and all that candy is not good for their teeth. All valid reasons, but you have a hidden agenda. Candy gets stale, and the "one piece at a time" rationing will take forever to get rid of the stash. The kids need help getting rid of their candy.

(Insert drum roll here...)

Allow me to present the Halloween survival for adults; the Candy and Wine Matchmaker.

According to that chart I need to stock up on rich white and dessert wines, since I plan on eating a mess of Butterfingers this Halloween.

I think my mouth is watering already.