It's now less that 2 weeks away from Halloween. Do you have your costume yet?

If the answer is "no," don't freak out. Instead of braving the madness at the Halloween stores, you can just head to your favorite store and get yourself a good ole sweatsuit. Costume problem solved.

I have made a couple costumes from sweatsuits including 'Cat in the Hat,' Kenny from 'South Park,' and a stingray. (My husband and I were Steve Erwin and a stingray shortly after the 'Crocodile Hunter's' tragic death. Please don't judge us, it turned out kind of awesome) A sweatsuit costume has many fabulous attributes. It's comfortable, one of the only times it's ok to wear a sweatsuit to a party, and you don't have to be super crafty to pull it off. If you can cut fabric or felt, and use glue, you are good to go.

Need inspiration on what to create? Check this out: 37 cheap and easy sweatsuit Halloween costumes.

After looking at all of these, I am now feeling inspired to be 'Cookie Monster' this year. Easy to make, and I really love his accessories.