It's not everyday you see a car in a bike lane, but that's exactly what was captured on video.

A Chicago motorist used the bike lane as their own personal road.

John Amdor, a bicyclist, shared with NBC Chicago this video that he took of a car driving down the bike lane Wednesday morning during rush hour.

The "driver squeezed into a bike lane between a bus stop and the sidewalk at Washington and Franklin." John said "As I pulled over, they just kept on going driving in the bike lane."

Wow! They must have been in one big hurry. That driver put a lot of lives in danger including their own driving in that lane.

I'm glad that no one was hurt or killed from that very foolish and selfish decision and I hope that this person is caught.

As of now, the Chicago PD says that detectives are looking into the incident. No arrests or fines have been made.