We all hate it when fee get increased for things but what if it's for a good cause that they were raised?

That's what Chicago is hoping as they're considering a surcharge on Airbnb and other home sharing rentals.

WGN shares that "Chicago may impose a new surcharge on home share rentals through sites such as Airbnb and use the money to provide more beds at domestic violence shelters."

Oh wow! that's actually a pretty cool idea.

I mean I hate taxes or increased fees but if it goes to helping those who need to get out of violent situations I think it's ok.

Mayor Emanuel said that if they add a 2% surcharge it will raise about $1.3 million. that $1.3 million can increase the shelter beds by 50%.

Currently the shelters have about 140 beds for residents and getting 70 more would be helpful. The mayor shared that "increasing the number of shelter beds also would allow the city to provide more supportive services, such as counseling and legal advocacy."

Well it makes sense and it is going to a good cause to help those in need.  More importantly, it's not lining a politicians pocket.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Should Rockford do something like this?

What if all cities impose this 2% surcharge?



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