Can something as simple as blue light bulbs help prevent suicide?

That's what a Chicago citizen's petition is hoping, all the while asking the city to have installed at the Metra and CTA stations.

According to this story shared by WGN, the Care2 petition is wanting Chicago to install blue lights in the both the train and bus stations to help calm the commuters.

They are using statistics that were found in "a study in Japan that reports blue lights in subway stations led to an 84-percent decrease in the number of suicides by train."

Although the findings are still uncertain if changing the lights to blue really helps, those petitioning say "it’s the “cheapest and simplest way” to calm travelers and possibly prevent them from taking their own lives."

So far over 14,000 people have signed the petition. To learn more about the Care2 petition, click here.

Honestly, it kind of makes sense. What would be the harm in changing the lights even if it were for a little while? If it works it works.

I'm all for preventing suicide and helping those who may be on the brink of that decision and if something as simple as blue light bulbs can help, why not?





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