Rumors are swirling that Rockford has thrown its hat in the ring to become the home of the new Chicago Bears stadium, but is there any truth behind them?

New Chicago Bears Stadium News

Just when Chicago Bears fans had resolved their minds to moving out of Soldier Field and into a new stadium in Arlington Heights, the Bears drop a confusing statement that basically says Arlington Heights is no longer the only Illinois city they are considering building a new stadium in.

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Apparently, this switch in focus is primarily based on tax rates, so the Chicago Bears are still shopping around.

Naperville has been thrown around as a likely possibility, and Rockford's name has been brought up too. WHAT?!? Could the Chicago Bears really be looking at Rockford as the home for their new stadium?

Could the New Chicago Bears Stadium Come to Rockford?

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I fully understand all these proposals and negotiations in regard to a new Chicago Bears stadium, but I will tell you Rockford has been brought up, but not officially by the Bears.


According to an article from the Rockford Register Star; a Chicago media outlet, WTTW, was the first to report that Rockford was submitting a proposal to the Chicago Bears.

State Representative Marty Moylan, (D-Des Plaines) told WTTW;

Rockford threw their hat in the ring, and other cities are going to be throwing their hat in the ring. Because this is a multi-billion dollar proposal.

So...has Rockford actually submitted a proposal to the Chicago Bears? Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara told the RRStar in no uncertain words;

We have not had any communication with the Bears.


Senator Steve Stadelman also confirmed to Rockford Register Star that Rockford has not had talks with the Chicago Bears, BUT he also said;

Why not?" If the Bears are taking offers, there's no reason Rockford shouldn't throw its hat in the ring."

We second that, Senator Stadelman.

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How Good Are the Chances That the Bears Will Come to Rockford?

I wouldn't feel right leaving you with too much hope in your heart about a Bears future in Rockford, so I'll share what State Rep. John Cabello, R-Machesney Park said about the possibility to the Rockford Register Star;

the chances of the Bears coming to the Rockford region are slim and none. Cabello said the Chicago Bears have done extensive market research and are looking in the Chicago suburbs for an eventual new home.

BIG bummer.

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