It's Baconfest time baby! I thought I told you not to drool? Just kidding. Let those digestive juices flow. My mouth waters every time I hear the "B word".

This weekend in Chicago (April 6 and 7) the Baconfest kicks off. Arteries around the city tremble when this glorious festival shows off it's beautiful pork belly face.

I already have ideas popping in my head on how to weasel my way out of work on Friday. Don't worry boss. I will be at work. But, I never said anything about Saturday lol.

March, apparently, was bacon month. I'm not sad though. Everyday is bacon day in my household. With an attitude like that, though, why would anyone waste their time coming to an event like this?

1. It's in the city so why not? Chicago is always a good time. Traffic is another story.

2. This is a way for businesses and restaurants to stand out. So, you know they are going to show off some new, interesting, and delicious ways to consume that precious meat.

3. Bacon is in the name.

Find the entire restaurant schedule here and see who is participating in this years event.

You can also purchase tickets for lunch, dinner, and whatever day you would like to attend here.




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