In the darkness of night, cameras caught a car thief in action, and now police want to get to know this dude, a little better.

You would think, at 4:45 in the morning, this guy would be sleeping like the rest of us, but obviously the guy caught in this video had other things on his mind as he rifled though two cars in central DeKalb county, just south of the City of DeKalb.

DeKalb County Sheriff's police released a video of a car burglar, who can be seen opening doors of a vehicle and removing a bag containing unknown contents from the back seat of the vehicle. The suspect is wanted for several car burglaries on Perry Road between First St and University Rd in DeKalb County.

This also begs the question: Why did the vehicle owner spend the money to install a cool camera security system, but leave his or her car doors unlocked? C'mon, people, LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS!

If you have any information or can help identity this thief, please call DeKalb County Crimestoppers at 815-895-3272.

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