In my opinion, the cheese on any type of sandwich/burger is the best part of the entire thing. I always wish there was a little bit more cheese. However, there is definitely a line when it comes to the cheese-meat ratio on a burger. How many slices of cheese is too many? Well, according to Burger King the answer to that question is 9 because their new Whopper has EIGHT SLICES OF CHEESE.

That's right, 8! Inspired by the cheeseheads themselves, several Wisconsin Burger King locations are serving up the "Green Bay Whopper" from now until December 2.

Locations include -

  • 1005 S. Military Ave., Green Bay
  • 2219 Main St., Green Bay
  • 2430 S. Oneida St., Ashwaubenon
  • 711 Memorial Drive, Howard
  • 2582 Monroe Road, De Pere
  • 1007 Main Ave., De Pere

The burger is priced at $4.49, same as an original Whopper at these locations. So what else is in this epic burger? Insider details -

Aside from the crazy amount of cheese, the sandwich has the regular Whopper ingredients: It's a quarter-pound flame-grilled burger patty topped with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and onions. But those eight slices of cheese put it into a level of cheese-lovers' fantasy that's rarely seen at a fast-food chain.

As a Bears fan, I can't say I love the name of the burger, but I am down for 8 slices of cheese.

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