Burger King has been around for 62 years and they just announced their adding a new item to their menu.

Move over flamed broiled burgers, and make room for hot dogs.


On Tuesday, Burger King unveiled two versions of the "Grilled Dog". There's the classic (Mustard, Ketchup, Relish and Onions) and the chili-cheese dog.  WGN reports that "one executive called the hot dog the biggest launch since 1970s, when the company introduced its chicken sandwich.

The “Grilled Dog” will be available starting February 23rd priced at $1.99 and $2.29.

I can kind of see the reason to add it to their menu, how many kids will turn their nose up at burgers but they will always ask for a hot dog.  It makes sense to make use of their grills with hot dogs too which taste better than boiled hot dogs, but I'm not sure I'd go their for a hot dog.

If I want a hot dog I'll head to Portillo's or Sonic for a Chicago Style dog, that's the only time or way I'll order a hot dog at any restaurant.