Brett Eldredge is a proud Illinoisan, and he obviously knows what is important to his fans here...fixing potholes on city streets. 

I think it's safe to say that using a pothole to promote a new album is a first for Country music, and Paris, Illinois' own Brett Eldredge gets to take home the award first for this creativity.

Jim Bachor is an award winning Chicago artist best known for transforming the city's ugly potholes into stunning pieces of art. When Brett Eldredge heard about Bachor's work, he knew this would be a great way to promote his newly released, self-titled album.

Eldredge recently said in a statement published by DNAinfo Chicago;

I love art and love seeing people’s different spin on seeing the world," Eldredge said in a written statement. "[I] like that he [Bachor] takes normally disliked things like potholes and puts beautiful art in it and this just happens to be stuff that promotes my music. Once I heard that Jim is making this kind of thing and he’s from Chicago it really made sense for him to take a shot at this album promo."


I gotta say, it's a pretty ingenious idea, Brett. What do you think?

The art pieces aren't only in Chicago though. Brett also enlisted Bachor to make some in his other hometown, Nashville, and of course one had to feature his BFF Edgar.

The Brett Eldredge pothole in Chicago can be found at the entrance to an alley just west of the intersection of Clark and Grace Streets.

Anyone up for a trip to the city manned with selfie sticks to catch this beauty in person?!?


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