I think all craft lovers probably knew this announcement was coming, but it still stings to hear Fall Diddley 2020 at the Boone County Fairgrounds has officially been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Fall Diddley organizers, the Mental Health Resource League for McHenry County, recently announced that the 2020 event originally scheduled for October 10-11 in Belvidere  has been cancelled "due to the current COVID-19 global pandemic! It is imperative that we put the health and welfare of our crafters, our volunteers, our shoppers, and our board above all else".

What makes this cancellation even sadder is that now 16 different mental health agencies throughout Illinois will not receive the monetary donations they receive from Fall Diddley proceeds every year. It is money these agencies depend on to help Illinoisans in need, and the Mental Health Resource League for McHenry County is desperately trying to come up with different ways to raise over $200,000 that they usually receive during their two annual Fall Diddley events.

If you would like to make a donation online to help the Mental Health Resource League for McHenry County makeup this major dent in funding, please do so now, here.

When it comes to supporting the vendors and crafters that you can't wait to visit each year at Fall Diddley, I suggest searching for their Facebook/Etsy stores/websites to see if they offer other ways to buy their goods.

As a person who was just starting to fire up a crafting business before this pandemic hit, I can tell you crafters and vendors are struggling to find ways to unload all the merchandise that is currently taking up every inch of free space they can find in their basements, sheds, storage facilities, etc. Please support them if you are able to.

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