The Black Hawk statue in Lowden State Park in Oregon, IL has been listed as one of the 12 endangered historical landmarks in IL.

According to this WTVO news report, Landmarks Illinois put together a list of historical landmarks that desperately need restoration and continuance with their conservation plans.

Chief Black Hawk that stands so proudly overlooking the Rock River, is in dire need to finish the conservation plan that was set up, but due to state budget cuts the project has been delayed going on a year now.

It's been found that the cement poured statue will not be able to stand another winter as two reports have shown that cracks and spalls, already in the structure, have  dramatically worsened between 2008 and 2014 due to water infiltration.

$740,000 has already been raised by the organization Friends of the Black Hawk Statue Committee, however they are urging all supporters of the stature to reach out to Governor Rauner and your State Senator and Representatives and urge them to expedite the renovation plan prior to next winter.

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