If your idea of a dream vacation features time spent on a beach gazing at crystal-clear water, you don't have to travel to the tropics to find it, it's waiting for you in Wisconsin.

The Truth About Lake Water

Vacationing in Wisconsin is a favorite for my many Illinois families, because it's decently close to home and filled with 15,000 different lakes to explore and enjoy.

The majority of Wisconsin's lakes are natural, some are man-made, and a few others are quarry lakes, which offer a unique experience.

My family has a lake house on a man-made lake in Wisconsin, and even though I absolutely LOVE being up there, swimming in the lake water is not my favorite. It's weedy, and sometimes as far from crystal-clear as water can get.

If swimming in dirty, weedy lake water isn't your favorite thing to do, here's three places that prove quarry lakes are some of Wisconsin's best hidden gems.

Best Quarry Lakes in Wisconsin

One of the coolest things about quarry lakes to me is that jumping in one can feel like your swimming in an ocean, minus the salty water. If you've never swam in a quarry lake before please be aware they are generally colder than your typical lake due to their depth.

Now that we have those two points estalished, here are 3 of the best quarry lakes in Wisconsin according to Google reviews (in no particular order...)

1. Quarry Lake Park in Racine, Wisconsin 

This former limestone quarry is now a spring-fed lake where your family can swim, scuba, and fish 'til your heart's content. A playground, grills, and a sand volleyball court are also located in the park for when you need a swimming break.

2. Redgranite Quarry Park in Redgranite, Wisconsin

Redgranite Quarry via Facebook
Redgranite Quarry via Facebook

This quarry is a favorite among divers and diving clubs due to its beautiful clear water. Besides swimming, it's also a great place to fish, and it is free to enjoy during park hours, (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily).

3. Sheboygan Quarry Park in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

If you have young children who want to get in on the quarry lake action, Sheboygan Quarry Park appears to be THE place to be. Besides its awesome water inflatables, the park also offers kayaks and stand-up paddleboard rentals, has easy access to bike trails, and there's even a frisbee golf course!

Now the only question left is; which quarry lake in Wisconsin will you visit first?!?

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